Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NET Hospital Furniture matches the demands of healthcare professionals

In present times, the reputed manufacturers of Hospital Furniture have to look into the demands of healthcare professionals - demands which are both precise and utilitarian. This means that manufacturers of hospital furniture also have to ensure that the development and manufacturing of furniture meets the current demands of medical personnel who actually use them while treating the patient.


Narang Medical Limited, after communicating with customers, have been able to offer hospital furniture which are designed to fit across the most areas of hospital life. Our range of hospital furniture caters to different user groups and ensure to meet maximum clinical requirements.


One of the key feature of furniture used in a hospital is its ability to aid in easy transfer of one furniture to other and also movement within or outside of hospital. NET brand furniture do offer features that help healthcare professionals as they move patients around the hospital. The basic but advanced push handles and castors for easy manoeuvrings and adjustable footplates for patient safety are included. Also, drop-arms to assist with either bed-to-chair or chair-to-chair patient transfer are fitted wherever required.

Narang Medical Limited is New Delhi, India based company that manufactures and supply durable and high quality hospital furniture to more than 80 countries across the world.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quality Synthetic Bone Graft Material from NET

Synthetic bone graft materials play an important role in reconstructive orthopaedic surgery. Sintered at high temperature, the synthetic bone graft materials are available in blocks and granules for orthopaedic applications. Synthetic bone graft materials are also available and used in periodontonlogy and maxillo-facial surgery.

The major functions of bone graft materials include promoting osseous ingrowth and bone healing, providing a structural substrate for these processes, and serving as a vehicle for direct antibiotic delivery. There are three primary types of bone graft materials:
1. Allografts,
2. Autografts, and
3. synthetic bone graft substitutes.

Unlike most other tissues, bone tissue has the ability to regenerate completely if provided the space into which to grow. And because of this ability, bone grafting is possible. The biologic mechanisms that provide a rationale for bone grafting are osteoconduction, osteoinduction and osteogenesis.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NET ICU Beds: Smart Ergonomics with Advanced Technology

The intensive care unit (ICU) in any healthcare center is an important unit that deals with the critically ill patients and equipped with specialized tools and equipment to help care givers provide their best so that the patients recover fast. To facilitate this, the beds in ICU too has to be specialized. NET brand ICU Beds manufactured and supplied by Narang Medical Limited combine smart ergonomics with advanced technology and intuitive operation. Our ICU Beds, as described by a doctor, are intelligently constructed so that specific functions could be performed with ease and efficiency.


We have specialized electric and mechanical beds for ICU. Here are few top selling models that provide both safety and comfort to patients and caregivers alike:

HF1015 Comfy I.C.U. Bed, Electric, 7 Function

HF1002 Comfy I.C.U. Bed, Electric, 7 Function (WITH X-RAY PERMEABLE BACKREST)


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What our customers say?

Over the years, the NET brand has become synonym for high quality and reliability. Our most popular products are hospital furniture, orthopedic implants, medical disposables, diagnostic equipment and anaesthesia products. Apart from these, there are thousands of other products that are being used and ordered from all across the globe. And, we have hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers in more than 80 countries.

We want you not to believe on our words. Instead, we would like you to view and listen what actually our customers have to say about our company and the products. Here are few videos of our clients: