Friday, October 29, 2010

Medical Privacy Screen: A Compact Solution For Hospitals & Clinics

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NET brand Folding Privacy Screens provide medical staff a quick and convenient way of creating a temporary partition in hospital wards for isolation and privacy.

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We offer 3 and 4 Panel Folding Privacy Screen that helps conserve floor space and folds for easy storage or transport (special Knockdown construction). The panels of the Privacy Screen open to full width without zigzagging and remains stable.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nursing Plasticware

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Narang Medical Limited has added 'Nursing Plasticware' to its medical disposables category. Nursing Plasticware are items that find wide application in almost all medical and/or surgical procedures. Made from non-toxic high quality plastic, the range includes Plastic Vaginal Speculum, Plastic Medical Dressing Kit, Safety Boxes, Plastic Scissors, Plastic Sponge Holder, Plastic Mouth Piece for Endoscopes and Plastic Tweezers.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fowler Position Beds

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Narang Medical Limited manufactures and supplies an extensive range of Fowler Position Beds. Apart from the standard fowler bed with mechanically operated back rest and knee rest by crank mechanism, we also offer 2 function manual fowler beds.

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The Primo & Elit models have removable & interchangeable high quality beautiful ABS engineering plastic head panel and foot panel.

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NET brand Fowler Beds are durable, easy to use and popular choice world over. Click here to view details of complete range of our Fowler Beds.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Medical Reusable Head Immobilizer

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NET brand reusable Head Immobilizer is made of high-density plastic material, providing maximum support and large ear holes for monitoring the patient's ear canal. Waterproof plastic coating makes it easy to clean and provide an easily disinfected surface. Designed for durability and performance, our Head Immobilizer can be used with scoop stretcher & spine stretchers. Click here for more details

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Foot/Pedal Operated Manual Suction Unit

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Apart from high vacuum and electric suction machines, we have Foot/Pedal Operated Manual Suction Unit which is suitable for patients at home, field hospital, midwives, medical centre, mines, aircraft, trains, mountaineers, on-foot paramedics, public safety and emergency healthcare agencies.

Easy to operate (one person can operate unaided), this portable unit has an efficient piston pump for creating vacuum instantly. Made of non-corrosive plastic moulded parts, the unit has 1 Litre PC Jar which is autoclavable. The manometer is fitted on the top and thus can easily be viewed by the operator.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

I.V. Pole - 5 Leg with Removable Top and 2 Hook

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Epoxy coated tubular stand mounted on press bent 5 winged (legs) heavy poly-prophylene base fitted with five castors of 5 cms diameter provides strength, durability and reduces risk of tippng. Double hook S.S. IV rod is adjustable with a bakelite knob. Easy height adjustment. Removable hooks make NET brand IV pole versatile. Click here for more details

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Overbed Tables

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NET brand Overbed Tables are dependable and durable. These tables will adjust in height and therefore perfect for use with most chairs as well as beds. Different models have different mechanism to adjust height (by gear handle, knob or hydraulic mechanism). All models are equipped with wheel casters for easy maneuverability. Our overbed tables come with synthetic plastic and laminated wooden top. Click here for more details

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Medical Autoclaves & Sterilizers

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We as a manufacturer and suppliers of sterilization and disinfection equipment offer full line of medical sterilizers. Sterilization by steam under pressure ensures complete elimination of all forms of microbial life. The wide range of model sizes and features makes the NET brand medical autoclaves a popular and cost effective choice.

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Narang Medical's infection control systems include Autoclaves, Bench Top Steam Sterilizers, Double Wall Autoclaves, Front Loading Flash Sterilizer, Fully Automatic Autoclaves, Dressing Drums, Hot Air Sterilizers and more. Click here for more details

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stethoscopes & Spare Parts

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Stethoscopes are often considered as a symbol of the doctor's profession, as doctors are often seen or depicted with a stethoscope hanging around their neck. NET brand Stethoscopes are light weight complete with binaural frame fitted with plastic Ear pieces (Knobs), PVC (vinyl) tubing & double sided - Open and Diaphragm Chest pieces. A set of spare Ear pieces and one diaphragm is provided with each stethoscope. We also supply Pinard Foetal Heart Stethoscopes in plastic and aluminum. Click here for more details

Monday, October 4, 2010

Digital & Mechanical Chair Scales

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Wheelchair Scales provide the comfortable and painless solution for wheelchair bound person to measure weight. Suitable for weighing frail, handicapped or elderly individuals, NET brand Chair Scales are durable, easy to use and “must-have” for any long term and acute-care facility. We have both digital and mechanical models. Waist-high scale's beam display facilitates easy and correct readings. Click here for more details

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cold Chain Equipment for the safe transport and storage of vaccines

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A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. An unbroken cold chain is vital in storage and distribution activities which maintain a temperature range to extend and to help ensure the shelf life of products like vaccines, drugs and chemicals. NET brand cold chain equipment and vaccine carriers ensure that the safety, efficacy or quality of the products distributed/transported are maintained. Click here for more details