Saturday, May 16, 2009

Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments are specially designed tools used in surgery. Surgeons or healthcare providers use various surgical instruments to perform specific actions of carrying out desired effects during a surgery or operation, such as as cutting, dissecting, grasping, holding, retracting, or suturing etc. Most of these instruments made from stainless steel. Other metals like titanium, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum, are also used.

The vast variety of surgical instruments can be categorized on he basis of their function, such as:

- cutting, grinding, and dissecting
- clamping
- grasping and holding
- probing
- dilating or enlarging
- retracting
- suctioning

Surgical instruments are used by surgeons, dentists, physicians, and other health care providers.

- Scissors
- Forceps
- Needle Holder
- Retractors
- Scalpel
- Suction Devices

Baby Care Equipments

The range of equipments we offer for newborns, post natal care, premature baby care and general care of neonates are dependable, efficient and sophisticated. We have both diagnostic and therapaeutic range in this category. Some of the products which are popular and being exported across the world are NET brand Baby Incubators, Infant Radiant Warmers, Foetal Heart Monitors/Dopplers, Infant Resuscitation Trolley, Baby Bassinets, Phototherapy Units, Infantometers, Ultra Voilet Sterilizers and Thermal Blankets.

- Baby Care Equipments
- Phototherapy Units
- Foetal Heart Monitor/Doppler
- Baby Incubator
- Neonatal Resuscitation Unit
- Infant Radiant Warmer
- Ultra Voilet Sterilizers
- Thermal Blankets
- Infantometers
- Baby Weighing Scales

Friday, May 15, 2009

Surgical Utensils & Holloware

Apart from small to big, simple to sophisticated medical equipments, any health structure can not function without simpler but utilitarian holloware known as Surgical or Hospital Utensils. Surgical Utensils are required during medical procedures, surgery and even for patient care. Hospital Holloware or medical utensils are utilitarian items required at any healthcare center or even for convalescing patients at home. Narang Medical offers a wide range of durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel and also plastic utensils used at all hospitals and health structures. NET brand Kidney trays, bed pans, urinals, surgical instrument trays, gallipot & sputum mugs, dressing drums, forceps jars etc. are some of the popular holloware in this category.

- Surgical Utensils & Holloware
- Bed Pans
- Emesis Trays
- Bed Urinals
- Gallipot & Sputum Mugs
- Surgical Instrument Tray
- Bowl and Basins
- Solution Cup
- Jars & Feeding Cup
- Plastic Holloware

Height & Weight Scales

Narang Medical Limited offers a variety of equipment and tools used for Anthropometric measurement and growth monitoring. The measurements you get from our scales are reliable and give a correct assessment of nutritional status of individuals. You'll find modern, elegant, durable and most importantly “accurate” height & weight measuring devices including digital & mechanical weighing scales, baby weighing scales, scales for physician, height measuring scales, and also kitchen scales, multipurpose scales and measuring tapes under Height & Weight Scales category.

With the largest selection of Height Measuring Scales, Infantometers and Physician Scales at Narang Medical, one is sure to find the medical measuring device that meets their requirements.

- Height & Weight Scales
- Weighing Scales
- Weighing Scales- Digital
- Physician Scales
- Height Measuring Scales
- Measuring Tapes
- Multi Purpose Scales
- Kitchen Scales

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Diagnostic Equipments & Products

A correct diagnosis is vital to correct treatment. NET brand diagnostic tools and equipment help medical professionals to diagnose accurately. Starting from basic tools like Stethoscopes and Sphygmomanometer to sophisticated Pulse Oximeters, Narang Medical Limited offers a wide range of diagnostic equipment and products. Stethoscopes as we all know is considered as a symbol of the doctor's profession, as doctors are often seen or depicated with a stethoscope hanging around their neck. Auscultation, used together with monitoring blood pressure is a fundamental diagnostic measure in medical practice. Other products in diagnostic equipment category are Reflex Hammers/Tuning Forks, Otoscopes, Opthalmoscopes, Thermometers, X-Ray Viewers, Diagnostic Sets and more. Diagnose with confidence.

- Sphygmomanometers & Spares
- Stethoscopes, Parts & Accessories
- Reflex Hammers/Tuning Forks
- Otoscopes
- Opthalmoscopes
- Diagnostic Sets
- Headband
- Thermometers
- Magnifiers, Loupes & Optics
- Measuring Tapes
- Nebulizers
- Pulse Oximeters
- Height & Weight Scales

Friday, May 8, 2009

Suction Machines & Units

Suction machine is usually an electric or manual unit which contain a vacuum pump (piston, diaphragm, or rotary vane), bacterial filter, vacuum gauge, trap for moisture (or any debris accidentally drawn into the mechanism), a reservoir for the aspirated material, and a suction catheter or nozzle. They may be intended to provide high or low vacuum, and high and low flow rates. Low vacuum is used for post-operative wound drainage.

Narang Medical Limited offers quality Suction Machines to suit every application and situation including portable suction units & machines, wall suction, pipe suction on trolley, electric and manual suction units and handheld units. Over the years NET brand Suction Machines has become synonymous with quality and cost effectiveness and are appreciated, recommended and imported by several countries.

- Portable Suction Units
- Electric Operated Suction Unit
- High Vacuum Suction Machines
- Electric cum Manual Unit
- Suction Units Manual
- Hand Held Suction Units
- Pipe Suction on Trolley
- Wall Suction Manual Units
- Vacuum Extractor

Medical Autoclaves & Pressure Steam Sterilizers

Each instrument or piece of medical equipment which comes into contact with a patient is a potential source of infection. The autoclave used in a healthcare structure is a device which uses steam to sterilize medical or laboratory instruments and other objects to kill or inactive all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Sterilization temperature and sterilization cycle are set to achieve this objective. Sterilization by steam under perssure ensures complete elimination of all forms of microbial life.

There are many types of autoclaves and the simplest of autoclave resembles a pressure cooker. It is a large pot with a gauge on top and bolts that fasten the top to the pot. As we know water in a pressurized container can be heated above the boiling point and the water attains much higher temperatures, the autoclaves kill unwanted micro-organisms. Narang Medical Limited offers a wide range of autoclaves & sterilizers which minimizes the risk of exposure to infection for each patient and provider. The products in this category are Autoclaves/Pressure Steam Sterilizers, Stainless Steel Instrument Sterilizers & Dressing Drums, Hot Air Sterilizers, Hot Plates and Steam Indicator Strips.

- Autoclaves & Pressure Steam Sterilizers
- Fully Automatic Autoclaves
- Portable Semi-Automatic Steam Sterilizer
- Double Wall Autoclave with Vacuum
- Gas cum Electric Autoclaves
- Horizontal Sterlizer
- Laboratory Autoclaves Semi Automatic
- Hospital Dressing Drums
- Instrument Sterilizers, Stainless Steel
- Hot Air Sterilizers
- Steam Indicator Strips

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laryngoscope Set & Spares

Laryngoscope is used to obtain a view of the vocal folds and the glottis, which is the space between the cords. There are different types of Laryngoscopes. The rigid laryngoscope is used by anesthesists for intubation and typically it consists of a handle (incorporating two batteries) and an interchangeable blade with a bulb light source, while Laryngoscopes used by otolaryngologists are found in many variations and used for various specialized tasks during endoscopy or surgery of the upper aerodigestive tract.

Laryngoscopes, offered by Narang Medical Limited, are simply specialized torches with a handle containing the batteries and a blade which holds the bulb. The NET brand ensures that the item is safe for use in anaesthesia/resuscitation for endotracheal intubation. Macintosh type & Miller type curved blades in polished, satin and dull finish, battery handles and spare bulbs are also available in Laryngoscope Set or as spares.

- Laryngoscope Set & Spares
- Macintosh blade
- Miller (or Robertshaw) blade

Anaesthesia Products

An anesthesiologist specializes in care of a patient prior to, during and after surgery. This includes evaluating and preparing a patient to undergo the rigors of surgery. Anesthesiologists are specialist in Perioperative Medicine. They are also involved in the management of acute and chronic pain and also take care of critically ill patients. Narang Medical Limited offers dependable Anaesthesia Products to these anesthesiologists. NET brand Resuscitators can be used to efficiently maintain ventilation, or as resuscitation in other critical situation and are thus basic hospital equipment not only for anesthesiologist but also health structures and emergency situations.

The other items in this Anaesthesia Products category are Padded Face Masks, Rebreathing Bags, Reservoir Bags, Guedel Pattern Airway and Corrugated Tube. Click on following links to view pictures and description of these products:

- Anaesthesia Products
- Artificial Resuscitators
- Anaesthesia Oxygen Masks
- Rebreathing Bags
- Corrugated Tubes
- Guedel Pattern Airway
- Reservoir Bags

Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments

Orthopaedic implants are devices used to replace or facilitate fixation of bone or to replace articulating surfaces of a joint. In other words, orthopaedic implants are used to replace damaged or troubled joints. These orthopaedic implants are generally made with stainless steel or titanium alloys for strength and each orthopaedic implant is designed to correct the affected joint so that it withstand the movement and stress associated and to enhance mobility and decrease painThe orthopaedic surgeries involving fixing of implant are performed by highly specialized and trained surgeons. The surgical procedures for each implant involves removal of the damaged joint and an artificial prosthesis replacement.

One can broadly classify Orthopedic implants for the hip, knee, shoulder and elbow. However, there are many categories of orthopedic implants based on application. Here are quick links to these categories:

- Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments
- Safety Locking Plates
- Interlocking Nail
- Nails, Wires & Pins
- Cranio Maxillofacial Implants
- Mini Fragment Implants & Instruments
- Small Fragment Implants & Instruments
- Large Fragment Implants & Instruments
- Cannulated Screws
- DHS/DCS & Angled Blade Plates
- Hip Prosthesis
- ACL/PCL Reconstruction System
- Spine Surgery
- External Fixators
- General Instruments and Bone Drills
- Drilling, Reaming & Saw System